We must bring an end to party political tribalism

Britain is broken and the United Kingdom is bitterly divided. It is our belief that many of the difficulties we face are down to the corrosive and divisive effect of party political tribalism.

We are a country of talented and creative people. We enjoy many economic and cultural advantages that others can only dream of, and yet as well as great wealth we have great poverty, evidenced by the growing number of food banks and rough sleepers.

We face huge challenges such as defeating international terrorism, leaving the European Union and ensuring our children are not saddled with the debt our own generations have built up – but time and again we find that rather than assess the situation and work together to resolve it, our politicians simply resort to petty point-scoring, name calling, and taking intentionally obstructive positions.


What might be a bad policy one week is adopted as a good policy the next – purely out of party advantage to try and retain or gain power, rather than because objective evidence-based assessment convinced anyone. Parties continually adopt groupthink to protect themselves and even each other making it near impossible for the public to have any influence on issues that they care deeply about – like the number of immigrants or the lack of housing.

To change the behaviour of our elected representatives they need to become less reliant and less in fear of their parties. At UNIFY we wish to see MPs become more autonomous so they can work together independently – as they often do on committees – so that the malicious influence of parties is reduced until they are no longer necessary.

This website tells you more about what is going wrong across the UK and how, when you take a step back, you can see that is more often than not our political parties and their lust for power that have either caused the problem they claim to be dealing with – or have made it far worse.

We hope you will join us and support us in seeking to end the malign influence of party political tribalism – read on for more examples of what’s wrong and how through UNIFY we can tackle it.

Why Unify?
Why Unify?
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