Supporting UNIFY

There is something very exciting and hopeful about UNIFY’s message – UNIFY provides the genesis of a better way.

Lord Digby Jones Kt, former Director General of the CBI and former Minister of State for Trade and Investment

“Some young person comes out of University straight into a research position with one of the main political parties. After a time, they are adopted as the prospective parliamentary candidate for that party in a safe seat at the next Election. They weigh the vote, they don’t count it & a new parliamentary career is borne, not out of genuine democracy but because a few activists chose the candidate whose subsequent election was a shoe-in. She or he has no experience of life, of the workplace, of doing anything in the World but party politics. And they call this effective democracy?

If you want some good sport, go to Central Lobby in Parliament when a Division Bell sounds. The MPs have eight minutes physically to get to the lobbies to vote in person. They have been in a bar or restaurant, in their office or in a meeting. They run through Central Lobby to represent you & me in voting through legislation that will govern us all. They haven’t listened to the debate, they have no idea what they’re voting on; their party whip will tell them which lobby to walk through to vote! They are cannon fodder of the Party Machine, doing as they’re told, keeping their noses clean in hope of preference or avoiding being overlooked as they start their climb up the corrupt greasy pole of a political career. This is our democracy! …& we could do it all so much better!

UNIFY provides the genesis of a better way.”